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It is #NotUs to stop protests, but RWE to keep the coal in the hole!

An This summer, around 200 people blocked a coal track in the Rhineland Coalfield. Now RWE wants to force these people to stop similar protests in the future.
It’s not us who have to desist from our protests. Instead, RWE has to stop their disastrous business.
Give these words some force/emphasis: Send a Declaration of Discontinuance to RWE. Show your solidarity with the activists and put pressure on Germany’s biggest emitter of CO2!

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 Organize resistance against coal power in your region, put yourselves in the way of energy corporations
 Donate lawyers and court cases cost money!
+ + + Background + + +
The coal-fired power plants in the Rhineland Coalfield emit 100 million tons of CO2 every year. That’s about 13 % of the total German emissions. So RWE heavily contributes to climate change, which is already causing the collapse of ecosystems and the devastation of livelihoods world-wide. On top of that, thousands of people are evicted in the mining process; villages, forests and fertile land are destroyed, and vast amounts of the highly-damaging particulate matter are raised.
This summer’s action was already the third blockade of the Hambach Coal Track. For nine hours, activists interrupted the transport of lignite between the open-cast mines and the power stations. Apparently, this scared RWE so much that they hit back: ca. 30 people are asked to sign Declarations of Discontinuance to make them desist from future interferences in RWE’s operations, especially the railways. If they refuse to sign this Declaration, they are facing an expensive law suit.
Nobody can take away our right to resistance against acts of wrong! It’s not us who have to stop! RWE has to stop the destruction of social communities and ecosystems of this earth.
Let’s call on RWE to stop its disastrous business model! Join us!

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Solidarity with #NichtWir Send an injunction to @RWE_AG and ask them to stop destroying the climate. www.nichtwir.de

NichtWir We will not stop to #protest until @RWE_AG stopped its destructive business model. For a just #energytransition without #lignite #coal.

#NichtWir Solidarity with activists in lignite extraction area in Germany. @RWE_AG end your destructive business model. www.nichtwir.de

Solidarity with #NichtWir. We support #CivilDisobedience. For a just #energytransition without #coal  www.nichtwir.de

#NichtWir#Mandela It always seems impossible until it’s done. For a just #energytransition without lignite @RWE_AG www.nichtwir.de

Stop lignite – not activism! 
#NichtWir We are not criminal! @RWE_AG  www.nichtwir.de

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